Busy But Ineffective: Life Purpose Killer

The worst thing to do in your life is to be busy, but ineffective.

Most people equate busyness to fulfillment. They try to convince themselves that as long as they are doing something, then that must be a good, so they are on their way to success…

That is the dumbest idea about success that people try to trick themselves into believing. If it was that easy, and all you had to do was be busy all the time, then why do people work 2 & 3 jobs to the point where they are exhausted, yet they still sit home alone, miserable, frustrated & stressed out.

It’s because it is not the quantity of what you do with your life, it is the quality of what you do. [Read more…]


Dismantling The Life Purpose Trap

How do you fight and win against one of the biggest enemies to walking in a life of meaning, purpose, and significance? No matter which perspective you look at life from, you will always find that one of the biggest hurdles, roadblocks, and barriers that stop many people from achieving their dreams is…

Understanding Your Life’s Treasure

Did you know that your life is literally a treasure chest of hidden riches waiting to be opened and shared. It is waiting to be discovered first by you – then by others…and once you discover the value in your life, you will act, work, play, and see yourself in a totally different light…and people will do anything to be around you once they discover the value of what your life offers them.

You see, most people use an incorrect measuring system to measure the value of their lives – and this particular tool will not only frustrate you, but it will leave you with more questions than answers simply because it is not designed to be use to determine life value.

Okay…what is it? [Read more…]

4 Steps To Discovering Life Direction

In this video, I’m going to teach you 4 simple but powerful steps to discovering your life’s direction, so you can attract more meaning and fulfillment this year in your life.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re depressed and unhappy, figuring out your purpose or your guiding theme can help you; and most importantly, understanding who you are and what you want out of life can help you achieve more, be more, and do more. One of the best benefits is that it can also help you make better decisions each day…and better decisions lead to a great life.